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        Breeding Society Finches - Is it for you?


Help! My finches are laying eggs right and left!  How to keep your finches from breeding if you   Do Not Want Offspring   Read this overview of preventing breeding for anyone who is not ready for more feathered friends    First Steps


Read well known expert opinions, research and fact-based experiences with breeding finches to decide if this is for you, see the links below to set you on the path of discovering if breeding finches is for you.. 

Some folks love the intricacy and the fun of it, some folks do not want to get in over their heads.   Read, read. and read more about it before you make the jump into breeding finches. Remember, these birds didn't ask to be your pets, you chose them.


I just want to get more info about it....


Expert Breeding Reference

Robert G. Black's Avian Articles and Books

Animal Genetics pages

eFinch.com - Roy Beclham's

Finch Information Center - Breeding Info

Gulf Coast Finches - Doug Taylor's Breeder's Notes

Lady Gouldian Finches

SocietyFinch.com   ZebraFinch.com - Garrie Landry's


The Varieties and Genetics of the Zebra Finch By  Garrie P. Landry

Vonda Zwick's - Maintaining a non-breeding aviary


Finch FAQ



More Resources

Avian Microsocopy Yahoo Group by Vonda Zwick

Bird Bands Info

Breeding Reference Articles from JustBirdStuff

Finch Breeding template in MS Word

Finch Genetics

Gouldian Breeding template in MS Excel

Keeping A Bird Journal

Showing Your Society Finches

Software Packages for Avian Record Keeping


















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