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Have Fun Showing Your Finches

Showing your finches is fun, and every time you attend a Finch show, you will undoubtedly learn more if you listen carefully to the Judge's commentary on the birds entered.

Judges in Finch competitions are usually very generous with their remarks about conformance, size, and specific characteristics they are looking for when assessing each bird or pair of birds. They will also often share how to identify what is technically considered as a "fault" (causing deduction in points) in birds entered so you can become educated on what characteristics to watch for in your own birds, when choosing which ones to show or not to show. 

Joining the National Finch & Softbill Society is a way to continue developing your education on bird conformance, breeding and genetics. The NFSS Journal, now in publication for over 25 years, is the one of the best sources of finch information in the USA. Their website and membership information is here http://www.nfss.org You can order a DVD compilation of 25 years of back[issues of the NFSS Journal, a wealth of valuable information for finch keepers.

If you are serious about learning what specific qualities dedicated finch breeders are looking for, a good place to start learning is by reading the NFSS Judge's Handbook 2010 - 4th Edition.  The NFSS also maintains a National Census of Finches and Softbills - to track how many and what types of which species of Finch and Softbills are being raised in the USA and Canada and their territories.  View the latest NFSS Census results here at      http://www.nfss-fss.org/Census/CensusReport.aspx

Some other great articles and authors to read for different views on raising and showing finches :

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Have Fun Showing Finches

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