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Tall Wide Breeder Cage BirdCage Product ID : FCC-259
Double R Cages Price: $219.99

Cage dimensions 58"x18"x43"H with stand
Includes 8 plastic feeders and 8 perches and 2 slide out trays
6 screw in casters for easy mobility
Lots of space in this cage!
Good for a flight or a breeder cage for small birds

This is the cage most often found at                   Bird Marts usually about $25.00

30x18x18 Flight cage with removable divider

- great for 2 birds!

White flight cage with 1/2: bar spacing and removable divider

Allpet Furniture

Bird and Cage

Bird Cage Blog

Double R Supply

Kats Baby Birds

My Bird Cage

Cage Parts

http://www.yangtzeusa.com    1-800-720-0230  

24X16X16  and  30X18X18   

Replacement trays for your cages


Show Cages

Lighting Cages Lighting your Flight Cages

Cleaning Steam cleaning your cage


Bulk Nestbox fiber (cocoa fibers)


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Build your own cage

Build your own seed cleaner


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