How do I advertise a bird show?

Posted by: "Quiet Bird" Darla Dandre

Sat Oct 20, 2007 8:23 am (PST)

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Send  the Who, what, Where, When, Why to have it posted on the bird show club. 

If you have a flyer, it helps to scan that and post it there too. You need to include a Contact name and number, list the divisions and judges that you will have (if you know them) and hotel information.  If you have a "schedule of events" include that too.

In General:

You should send your show information or flyer to ALL the bird clubs that you can think of within an 8 or 10 hour drive from your show location and any other interested parties.

Send along a note or "invitation" to all the club members that they are invited to participate in your show.

Make sure you include some reason why your show is special and make sure you have all the hotel information and the COMPLETE address of the show location (so people can mapquest)

Ask those clubs to include your ad in their newsletter or show catalog (if their show is before your show)

You should also (and more importantly) put up flyers in the grocery store and all over the local area advertising your show.

You do not have to include hotel information here but you should make sure that your flyers include contact information and if someone is interested in participating in the show - info on a "beginners class" a week or so before the show.

If you have any takers, you can coach them at that time so that they will be prepared on show day.

Make sure you take any advantage of free advertising, community events newspaper ads, local TV spots, and even "handouts" at the mall if you are so inclined!

Do talks at the cub scouts, grade schools, woman's groups, red hats, senior groups, pet stores, pet fairs, Swap meets, craft fairs etc... get more people in your area/community that own birds to come and attend and PARTICIPATE in your bird show!

Advertising your bird show is some of the hardest work you can do to put on a bird show. It is also the key to a successful bird show! You can't rely on "out of town" people to come to your club and be the bulk of your show. You must have 100% of your OWN club member participation and new exhibitors from your area as well as a few people from neighboring clubs or states. There is no secret for putting on a good bird show and no guarantee that all your hard work will pay off in only one or two new people. 

The BEST advertising is word of mouth - treat your exhibitors as guests and insure that they have a good time at your show and next year, you will have more and more exhibitors as they tell their friends all about it and their friends will want to get involved too! Have a good time - friendly competition is both helpful and healthy and so important to bird husbandry and breeding.

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