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Banding Your Birds

Keeping records on the birds you are raising is helpful and useful if you decide to breed them and raise offspring, and if you intend to eventually give or sell any of your birds to other finchkeepers.Read the full article on Record Keeping here

Why Band My Birds?  Read Finch Information Center's excellent banding info here


If you use closed bands from the NFSS - your bands are registered to you as the owner/breeder at the time you place your order. This establishes you as the registered birdkeeper of any birds banded with "your" band numbers in their registry. The NFSS keeps the permanent record of all bird bands sold by them. All bands are numbered in sequential sets each year and are available for purchase throughout the year. The new year's bands are color coded to a different color than the current year - which also keeps them easily identifiable in an aviary containing mixed year's birds. Each new year's bands are usually available to be shipped to you by the week of Christmas for the following year.

When to band finches

Banding your Society Finches is usually done if you are using closed metal bands at 8 to days after hatch while their toes are still flexible enough to slip the closed band over their back toe- see the banding tutorials below.

How To Band Birds

Paula Hansen's

Closed Bands Application Tutorial

Open Bands Application Tutorial

Paula Hansen NFSS Band Secretary
2234 Juneau Court South    

Salem, Oregon 97302
Phone: (503) 581-8208
E-mail: bands@nfss.org

Finch Information Center's Tutorial on Banding your birds

Roy Beckham's Bird banding video tutorial

Interpreting Bird Bands




NFSS Leg bands
The National Finch and Softbill Society offers closed traceable aluminum bird bands to fit the smallest Waxbill to the large Hornbills. ...

RedBird Products Leg Bands



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