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For those living in the SF Bay Area, we are available to present info to your Club or Group to assist with your Birdkeeper's Disaster/Earthquake Planning or member education on this subject. Contact us if you would like to schedule a presentation..

Do It Yourself : Join forces with others in your local Bird Group

Starting your Earthquake/Disaster Planning can seem really daunting if you haven't worked on it before. Bird Clubs can band together in your local area and assist each other in making plans and devising strategies for members who are not able to do it all by themselves. You can organize Club member units by those living closest geographically to each other, or grouping those keeping the same types of birds - each group decides which will work better with the folks involved. This option is particularly helpful when you have Club members who are elderly and live alone, or have physical disablilites which prevent them from being able to accomplish various parts of the process.

California Office Of Emergency Services  - Ready to ride iit out page for Forming a Preparedness Group in your neighborhood

Or download a copy in PDF format

Neighborhood Prep

Getting It All Together

Earthquake Prep For Birdkeepers


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